Iona My Heart is a fully circular collection - not just a new jewellery brand, but a new way of being a jewellery brand. All pieces are made from electronic waste recycled silver or SMO gold, with proceeds supporting local island artists’ workshop and retail facilities, created by Aosdàna in partnership with The National Trust of Scotland. Honouring our families, ancestors, native culture,skills and language, it illuminates humble lives of great talent we can all aspire to.

Recycled silver celtic jewellery
Eco friendly scottish jewellery
Ethical celtic jewellery

from xray waste

Recycled Silver

Every 'Iona My Heart' item is designed on the island and manufactured domestically in ethical sterling silver 100% sourced from electronic waste through the NHS ‘AgAin’ initiative which reclaims silver from NHS X-rays.

community support

Single Mine Origin Gold

Iona My Heart offers all products custom made to order in Single Mine Origin (SMO) 18ct and 9ct gold. This certified gold is sourced from the Yanfolila gold mine in Mali, and provides us with an auditable chain of custody for the entire supply chain, with full segregation from mine to finished product. It adheres to a number of strict industry guidelines - so it only originates from mines with a proven track record of committed social and environmental responsibility - and is mined in accordance with the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles. Our SMO supplier provides batch codes and QR codes as a direct link to the source of the precious metal used in your SMO gold purchase, as well as giving an insight into the impact your order has helped to create through local community projects.

SMO certification confirms that your Iona My Heart gold jewellery purchase is derived from a legitimate mining operation. It confirms that your piece holds no ties to conflict, and has been produced at a mine with a proven track record of unwavering responsibility. SMO Gold miners are paid a just wage, under secure and safe employment. This in turn has a positive effect on the lives of the miners’ families and local communities who can benefit from the sustainability initiatives in place at the mine site and from residing in a region where legal business thrives. Extensive community development programmes include sanitation, education, health, environmental and alternative livelihood projects.

Eco conscious scottish jewellery from Iona
Iona stone ethical jewellery


Iona Stone & Marble

Designs featuring local Iona stone are only available in Limited Editions. The stones are hand-gathered with great care and attention to sustainable island community best practice. If you visit Iona and choose your own stone, we can set it into your piece for you, making a truly unique treasure.


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